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Stray Dog Found Keeping Abandoned kittens Warm In The Cold Canada Winter

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There is always misconception that dogs and cats don’t get along well and will start fighting when they are under the one roof. After reading this post , you will definitely disagree with those statement. Because Dog and cats can be BFF!!

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A stray dog has generated a lot of love on social media after she was found sheltering five kittens from the cold winter in Canada.

Credit : Facebook

It was -3 degrees Celsius (26.6 Farenheit) and dark outside, and the dog was covered in a dusting of snow.

When the passerby stopped to help the dog, she was surprised to find five tiny black kittens “snuggling with her,” The shelter picked them up and named this sweetest ever stray dog “Serenity’.

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The kittens were around five weeks old at the time, and was unlikely to survive if Serenity didn’t keep them warm,

The kittens have been taken in by a foster family, where they will stay until they are old enough to be on their own and go up for adoption, the shelter said.

The shelter’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments begging them to keep the dog and her kittens together or adopt them out as a group. The shelter explained if they waited for the kittens to be old enough to adopt out with Serenity. Then Serenity would be waiting months to get her “forever family”.

Credit : Facebook

Adoption offers have piled in for Serenity, just based on her parental instincts. The shelter’s post also describe the 2yo dog has the energy of a toddler, quite jumpy and needs to be taught some manners, and best suited home without small children or other dogs. However, she obviously great with cats, according to the post.

Such a beautiful and amazing story ❤️️, We hope Serenity and the 5 kittens will soon get loving forever home 🏠.

Source : NST | Facebook