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This Is How She Bring Her Friends To Europe At Zero Cost!

Travelling with bestie(s) is always the thing in our bucket list. Incredible trip that filled with joy and laughter, create memories that last forever.

Credit : Cosmopolitan

However, sometimes things just doesn’t go as per plan. This girl from Korea planning a trip to Europe with her besties, due to some reason which might be timing or budget. She ended up had to travel alone. Sad isn’t it?!

One of the girl friend wanted to go so badly but unfortunately she just couldn’t make it. She was upset , grumbling and hoping that she can be tagged along. Thought of doing something to make her friend felt better, she struck by the idea of printing their photo and bring them along.

▼Let’s our journey begin…


▼ Boarded in a long haul flight all the way to Europe.

▼ Grab some food when we reach our hotel.

▼Breakfast but only one portion. Please enjoy seeing me eating !

▼ We took pictures in all the tourist spots we went.



▼After a long and tiring day, it’s time to bed!

Her stories went viral and netizens have different thoughts about it. Some thought she was lonely and some said it looks a bit creepy , like praying to the decease. Choi~~~



Some netizen also thought it’s a fun way for friends to tag along and it’s a good idea . They will most likely do it the next time when they travel.

Anyhow, for me it looks fun though.. What do you think?