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Video For Uni-Students Playing Tug of War Go Viral

Sometimes school might be stressful especially when you need to meet assignment deadlines, presentation or exam. It’s not easy to deal with those academic pressure.

Credit: Talent Sprint

However, a group of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) students came up with a way of relieving their stress during the exam period.

Twitter user shared a video that the Uni-students believed to be residents of two sides of the dorms were playing tug of war and it ended with the left-wing winning the match.

His caption is pretty sarcastic.

Girlfriend : He must be cheating on me right now.

Boyfriend(s) : ( battling in a tug of war with mates) 

The clip has since been viewed over 700,000 times, It’s fun to watch some of them barefoot, some in sarong battling in their tug of war with the wave of laughter. I believed somehow it’s light up the day for some of us. This is really a fun way to relieve stress.

Looking ways to deal with stress is important, be it students or the working adults. We have to look out for out physical as well as our mental health, both are equally important. So , Why so serious ?! let’s have some fun once a while 👯🍻

Source : Twitter