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[Video]Chinese Man Builds Luxury Villa for His Dogs That Comes With AC, Pool and Spa

Source : Asian Crush

These dogs are living better than me 😭😭😭

A man in East China named Zhou Xiaoshuai, who live in Jiangsu Province has blown the minds of many viewers after building a 2-storey luxury villa for his dogs.

He spent 35,000 yuan (RM 20,800) on the villa for his Husky, French Bulldog and Shiba Inu, according Global Times.

Check out this video : ( Video credit to AsianCrush)

This lovely comfortable home is fully air-conditioned, the 2nd floor comes with a floor to ceiling windows with 2 beds. The dogs can see their owner’s house from 2nd floor which is a few meters away.

A little night light for them to go to bathroom at night. And also smoke-detector inside the house in case they are smoking ( hehehe.. just kidding !!)

A swimming pool for some splash and fun chill out! Those furry kids can then have a fun slide down and head to the Spa straight. i bet they will be hungry after all those fun activities . They can now enjoy some food and drinks in their mini restaurant. Huh.. good life!

The man also added security measures on the electrical objects in the house, and there’s also an auto-feeder and water purifying machine for the dogs. A solar-powered mosquito killer outside the house and a fully functioning drainage system.

The owner also got them a cleaning robot but to avoid the dogs biting it. He needs to put some wasabi and chilies on it and another robot to tail and record everything about the cleaning robot and keep it safe.

A projector for the furry kids to watch their favourite cartoon .. Peppa pig.. oik oik!

Zhou said he didn’t take good care of his previous dog because he was so busy and he felt bad, So when he adopted his current dogs, “I decide to try my best to make them happy.”

Credit : Huffingtonpost

Most of the Netizens envy the life of the 3 dogs.

“It is so important for dogs to have a good owner. Their life is much happier than mine,” one of Netizen said.“A villa with a swimming pool is a dream for so many people,” another wrote.

This one looks like my dream house .. anyone can make me happy too?!

Source : Global times | Asian Crush 

Photo credit : Asian Crush