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What Made Koreans Adopt Metal Chopsticks?

I’m a korean food lover, be it korean bbq, bibimbap, dak galbi, Kimchi Jjigae.. you named it i love them all ! Thinks about it, i’m drooling now. hehehe!

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But, korean chopsticks can be quite challenging for some us. It’s a metal chopsticks and it’s flat. Heavier compare to our the Chinese and Japanese chopsticks and not easy to grip on.

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Why metal, maybe you will ask? Well, Korean chopsticks actually have a pretty interesting history behind it.

It’s believed that Korean royalty used pure silver chopsticks because they didn’t want to be poisoned by their enemy. Silver was a poison detector. The colour of the chopsticks will changed immediately if there was any poison in their meal, giving the royals a signal the moment they picked up a piece of food.

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The idea of using metal chopsticks was the common people’s way of being like the king.  But pure silver was out of the question because it’s costly, so more common kinds of metal were used, which is stainless steel. Also, it is believed that metal chopsticks are easier to clean and thus more hygienic.

We would like share with you a clip how to use Korean chopsticks..

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