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Your Company Can Fired You If You Are Exiting Company’s Whatsapp Group

It’s quite common that companies create WhatsApp group between employers and employees if order to ease miscommunication and also speed up turn around time. But somehow, if you are on leave probably those incoming company’s WhatsApp group chat will annoyed you. But please .. DO NOT EXIT those company WhatsApp group because you company can fired you!

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Miss T ,  Sales and Service Executive in a Telco company had to send her daily reports via WhatsApp to her branch manager. She was added into 2 WhatsApp group, one with the managers and supervisors and another one with other employees.

The Head of branch informed everyone that they will need to notify him if anyone intended to leave the company WhatsApp group.

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However, Miss T left one of the company WhatsApp group and soon after that she got a warning from her branch manager. But she said she was not aware of the company policy that she need to inform her brand manager before leaving the group.

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Not long after that, Miss T did it again. This time she exit both WhatsApp group and texted in the employees WhatsApp chat group that she was going on leave and need a peace of mind. She also failed to send her reports for several days.

Soon after she was back to work. The company need her explanation on reason being exiting WhatsApp chat group as she was already been informed she need to notify her branch manager before exiting.

Her company found her explanation was unreasonable. Thus, She was fired for misconduct and uncooperative attitude towards the company. Miss T wasn’t happy with her dismissal and decided to sue the company. The case went up to the Industrial Court.

But at the end the day, Court agreed with the Telco company based on the evidences given on allegations that she failed to inform her manager before exiting WhatsApp group twice and she failed to send her reports for at least 7 days.

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If your company also stated clearly that WhatsApp group is a official form of communication tool. You better exit with valid reason else we will suggest you just mute the chat group if you are on leave. 

Source : Ask Legal | DNH