YouTuber Flew All The Way From Greece to Malaysia Just For Nasi Lemak

A Youtuber -Darren Cronian ,45yo was supposed to enjoy his holiday in Greece for the next few months but his plan changed after coming across a photo of the nasi lemak on Instagram.

He was craving for it badly to the extend getting himself a flight from Athens to Malaysia, just for a hot plate of nasi lemak.

Cronian told Malay Mail “I flew from Athens to Singapore, which took around 11 hours, and then after a six-hour stopover in Singapore, I flew to Kuala Lumpur”

First thing after landed in Kuala Lumpur, he got himself a ‘Nasi Lemak’ fix, despite tiredness from jetlag.

“It was literally the first Malaysian dish that I’d tasted on my first visit to Kuala Lumpur, and like a typical British guy, I ate each item on the plate individually.”

Cronian, a fan of spicy food , admitted that when he tried it in true Malaysian style by mixing up the anchovies, peanuts, rice and the sambal, he fell in love with the dish.

“What makes it feel like my second home is the people, the food and the multi-cultural aspect of the country,” he added. He still comes back to Malaysia a few times a year for a month or two.

Nasi Lemak is our favourite breakkie too and not forgetting to pair with tea tarik ! yumms.. I’m amaze that he can travel 9600km just for nasi lemak. what about you? How far are you willing to travel to satisfy your cravings?

Source : Malay Mail