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【Video】American Skins the Rambutan with a Peeler

Tropical fruits are fruits native to the tropics. The choices of tropical fruits is incredible varied in Malaysia. Fruits such as Durian, rambutan, mangosteen are rarely found in western countries!

So, when come to those tropical fruits , foreigner tend to eat it in a way that we could never imagine !

Credit : gfycat

▼ When a Malaysian Women went to Whole foods market in Wheaton, she found American cut the Jackfruit into slices!

▼ The Jackfruit was sliced exactly how they sliced watermelon!

Credit: tenor

▼ Next,  netizen found RAMBUTAN in one of the Netfix series where Rambutan had been describe as “extraterrestrial fruit” (OMG~)

Recently,  Rambutan caught our attention again ! Gavin Smith uploaded a video on Rambutan in Tik Tok, and what make us jaw dropped was the way he handled Rambutan!

▼ Gavin Smith have 1.6M Followers on his Tik Tok Chanel

▼ In the Video, Gavin took out the hairy fruit ….I guess he has no clue what fruit is this..

▼ Then, he skinned the rambutan with a peeler !!

▼ Gavin was shocked when he saw the flesh~

▼ And then, he CUT it with a knife !! Yes, a knife !!

▼ Yeah..finally the flesh is out ! But, it seem “weird” for him. and the video ended


▼ After uploaded the video, Gavin still not really sure whether it’s a lychee or rambutan and was asking around  (Oh~ My~)

▼ A foreigner said with confident it’s a lychee (huh?! What the…)

▼ Luckily our Asian friends corrected them!

▼ Yes, that’s not how you should peel a rambutan Gavin~

▼ We use HAND to crush it !

Credit: wikihow

▼ A lot of Asian laugh out when they see the way Gavin “Cut” the rambutan

▼ After the first video, Gavin is on his second attempt to eat rambutan.

▼ For him, the fruits look nasty …haha

▼ He cut a bit off the skin and  “press it out”

▼ Finally, he did it….at least in a more proper way…He then get to taste the fruits.. Unexpectedly, Gavin love the taste !


▼ Netizens quite worry that Gavin would swallow the seed

Credit: drhealthbenefits

▼ Some Malaysian comment that they use teeth to open it , this should be the fastest way.

Credit: Youtube

Hopefully, through Gavin video, the Foreigner get to know more about our tropical fruits and also the correct way to consume it!

Please, dont CUT the rambutan anymore !!!

Source:Tik Tok