18yo M’sian Student Scored 100 and Rank #1 in Accounting Worldwide

The 18-year-old student, Hakeem Mohammad Akmal scored 100% mark for the ‘Recording Financial Transactions’ (FA1) paper, thus making him number one in the world for the July – December 2019 semester!

Hakeem was actually a science stream student back in high school, but decided to take up accounting instead looking at how the industry has more job opportunities in Malaysia.

He plans to continue in ACCA after his CAT programme and pursue a future in accounting.

Some of you might thought he must be spending most of the time studying. You are wrong, just like any other teens he went movies and some sports too! Most importantly is to balance between studies and his activities.

He said, “the lecturer teaching the subject was very helpful during and after class. I believe that the interaction between students and lecturers is very important because it makes the learning process more effective.”

Congratulations again Hakeem, you make malaysian proud and we hope you become a successful accountant in the future!

Source : Berita Harian