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A Lady From China Proposes to Boyfriend With a BMW and a House

This lady from Henan province, China turned the tables on social conventions. She proposed to her boyfriend. And the proposal come with a BMW and a new House. Jaw dropping right?!

Xiaojing, a 24yo designer, had hatched a plan to propose to her boyfriend, Xiaoke, at the exhibition hall where they firstly met, according to SingTao Daily.

She revealed to media on her decision to propose to him, “He’s usually the one taking care of me and making sacrifices for me. I really want to do something for him.”

On the big day, she ask her boyfriend to pick up something for her in the exhibition hall.


To his surprise, she decorated the place with balloons and was waiting there in a bridal gown. She was confident that her boy friend will said YES!

She presented him a bouquet of flower and proposed, “I prepared all of this. There’s a car and a house  It doesn’t matter if you have them or not, I still want to be with you. Will you marry me?”

“This is so unexpected and Yes, I will,” Xiaoke replied in shock.

Both family were supportive especially her family had helped with the surprise proposal as well by sponsoring the house and car, Xiaojing confessed.

But she says money isn’t important to her.

“What I want is more than material which is love. I don’t think that it always has to be the man in the relationship providing the house and the car. More than that, I want him to be devoted and caring after our marriage.”

But Xiaoke also promised to take care of her and work hard for their family.

We are happy for this sweet and lovely couple ❤️ Wishing the both of you a happy marriage!

Source : Singtao | Youtube