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A Real Estate Company Surprised Employees With RM40 mil Year End Bonuses

Photo Credit to Washington Post

Hardly anyone knew what was inside the red envelopes handed out at a Maryland real estate firm’s annual holiday party. So when employees at St. John Properties tore them open, you can see eyebrows jumped, Hands flew to mouth and tears flowed.

What an emotional moments .. because the company was giving bonuses amounting $10 million( RM40 mil) , each and everyone of them couldn’t roughly get a $50,000 ( RM 200k ) depending on years of tenure.

Stanley Ches, a maintenance technician who started at the company in 1981, received more than $200,000 ( RM 800k) . He told the media, “I’m still in shock. Everybody was shaking me down and giving me hugs.”

I know right ?! i will be tearing too .. If i’m getting 1/10 of it! hahaha ( just kidding, boss!)

The unusually high bonuses drew a rush of attention to the Baltimore-based firm, which has clients in eight states. After announcing them publicly Monday, the company’s phones rang continuously. Its Facebook page got comments such as, “Am I the 199th employee?” and “Are y’all hiring? Asking for a friend.”

Company President Larry Maykrantz told The Washington Post, “We thought it was important to recognise everyone’s role and to do so based not on title but on tenure-to show that all of us are equal in achieving this goal.”

“I steer the boat, but they’re the ones that run the boat,” Larry said. “They’re the ones that make the boat go.”

Well said, Larry! and big round applause to all the employees that worked hard for the company! While me is going to continue to row my little boat ..and sing the song ~~~

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Bonus is a dream

Opss again~again .. I’m just kidding Boss!!

Source : Washington Post