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Baby Elephant Stuck In Muddy Hole Was Rescued By Wildlife Rangers

Photo Credit to Facebook

Poor baby elephant got itself stuck deep in a muddy hole. Luckily, it was rescued by wildlife rangers and was happily reunited with its family eventually.

Details of the rescue was reported on Friday (Dec. 27) in a Facebook post by Sen Nathan, assistant director of the Sabah Wildlife Department.

Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife rescue unit to the rescue !!! This morning the 27th Dec 2019 while on another…

Posted by Sen Nathan on Jumaat, 27 Disember 2019

Earlier that day, Nathan said they received a call about a Bornean pygmy elephant calf that had fallen into a mud hole at a plantation at Kinabatangan in Sabah.

One of the photos he uploaded showed the hole to be particularly deep, with only part of the calf’s head and body visible above the muddy water.

Nathan added that the poor calf was trapped “with no possible moving space”. No one really knows how it got itself into such a situation.

A group of elephants can be seen nearby the spot, including the calf’s mother, who was worried about the baby’s safety.

The group of elephants was helplessly surrounding the spot and vocalising after failed attempts of rescuing it.

Upon arriving, Nathan stated that the Wildlife Rescue Unit had to scare away the group of elephants so they could carry out the rescue operation safely.

According to The Star, plantation staff had originally offered a backhoe to assist wildlife rangers. But ended up, they decided to manually enlarge the hole with their hands as time was running out and the calf was getting stressed.

After much hard work, the hole was eventually widened sufficient enough for the calf to be hauled out.

After making sure the elephant was not injured, the baby elephant was reunited with its mother, who came by again a few minutes later.

Hooray! It’s a happy ending and Kudos to the Wildlife Rescue Team!

Source : Facebook | The Star