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“Chickenization” Programme- Indonesia Give Kids Chicks To Curb Phone Addiction

Photos Credit to Humus Kota Bandung | CNN | Theadventurebegins

Kids nowadays spending lots of time on their electronic devices. Too much for their own good as exasperated parents would agree.

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The average Indonesian internet user spends 8 hours and 36 minutes per day online — almost two hours higher than the global average.

Credit : CNN

Thus, the Indonesian city of Bandung is hoping nature can save the kids and they came up with an idea that hooks them up with chicks. What i mean is baby chickens k ?!

Credit : Humus Kota Bandung

The pilot programmed launched in the West Java town is hoping to steer students from their screens by giving them chicks as well as chilli seeds and that they will spend less time on electronic devices and more time caring for their pets or plants, CNN reports.

Credit : CNN

Nevertheless, authorities and parents alike are optimistic that the programme, dubbed “chickenization”, will help weed off smartphone addiction among the younger generation.

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“It’s good to increase the discipline of children. Caring for trees is better than playing with mobile phones,” local parent Elis Puri said. Elis’ daughter was given chili seeds.
Several children who were given chicks said they had various plans for the birds. One fifth grade student said he hoped to breed chickens, while a seventh-grader said he hoped to care for his chick until it was big enough to cook.
Malaysian parents, maybe this write up give you some idea what to give your kids on their free time.. 

Source : Malaymail | CNN | Humas Kota Bandung