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Christmas Is The Best Time For ” Rich Kids” To Show Off?!

Photos Credit to : Sin Chew | Instagram

According to Sin Chew, These bunch of ” Rich Kids Of Internet” throwing up pictures for their Christmas presents ..for most of us, It’s definitely a ” Woow!”

With five years under its belt, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” Instagram account, now renamed “Rich Kids of the Internet”  is still at it, taking photos of the lifestyles of the wealthy. The Instagram page currently have 367k followers.

Those rich kids going on lavish trips around the world, waking up in 6 stars hotels with the best ever scenery, enjoying most expensive champagne, drive the most expensive sports cars, limited edition branded stuff and many more..

Some of the Rich Kids get around on a luxury private jet going for a Christmas holiday.

Some showing off their branded bags and cars..

Cash all over the floor with a drunk Santa Claus falling from his sports car.

Ok! Time to back to reality peeps.. 

Source : Sin Chew | Instagram