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Doting Husband Turns Himself a ‘human chair’ For His Pregnant Wife Cause No One Give Up Their Seats For Pregnant Lady

A doting husband in China has touched the hearts of millions after letting his heavily pregnant wife sit on his back when she was waiting for her maternity check-up in the hospital.

A trending video released by police shows the mother-to-be appearing tired and struggling to stand due to numbing legs.

The husband then sat down on the floor and asked her to lean against him after no one right opposite them offered her a seat.

The police then prompted viewers to give Kudos to the ‘good husband’, and many followers did so.

Here is some comments from viewers:

‘A good man and good husband from China.’

‘The husband can hold up skies. Kudos to him.’

‘I felt ashamed of myself while watching the man sitting down. I didn’t treat my wife so well when she was pregnant.’

Credit : khmertimeskh

A viewer also commented that there were empty seats at the end of the corridor, but very quickly some viewers defend the pregnant woman, saying that she might not be able to hear the nurse calling her name . Besides, it might not be easy for her to move around since she felt numbness on her legs.

Please show a little more kindness to the society, let’s offer our seat to those who need it!

Source : Mail Daily | Dou yin