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Eye-catchy Accessories Inspired by Thai Food and Snacks! Hilarious!!

Photos Credit to Facebook

There are tonnes of online shops selling accessories nowadays, some highlighting their  accessories was from Korea, Hong Kong or Taiwan, some mentioned items are truly Swarovski crystals and some by famous designer. But the highlight of this particular store is quite eye-catchy!

Credit: Ammfly Thank You

This online store owner Ammfly Thank You. Love You. brings fashion to the next level with its crazy Thai-food inspired accessories. Thai food’s lover probably will find it interesting!

Handmade accessories inspired by Thai snacks.

Hilarious right?! hehehe..

Credit: giphy

▼The Seafood hairband..

Besides hairband , there have sandals too and there aren’t the ordinary one ..

▼Sandals decorated with plush Mackerel and Cabbage and famous dishes like Grilled Shrimp and MAMA Instant Noodles. If you’ve got a friend obsessed with Thai snacks, this is a must-get.

▼Also , we found some kids sandals and hairbands..

There are many other themed-accessories you can choose from, like flowers, desserts, cartoon characters, and even football teams.

▼The owner makes it special because she handcrafted all of the products by her own.

Each item has a different price depending on how elaborate the designs are. Sandals priced around  ฿180 (Rm 24) while hairbands around ฿450 ( Rm61).

Source : Facebook