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Italian High Fashion Brand Upcoming Collection” Maggi Mee” Heels Easily Cost Up To RM3000

Photos Credit to: Instagram

Italian high fashion house Bottega Veneta has unveiled a pair of heels that look strikingly like uncooked “Maggie mee”- instant noodles.

The heels are part of the designer label’s pre-fall 2020 collection that was designed by 2019 British Fashion Awards winner Daniel Lee.

Here you go sneak peek for the pre-fall collection :

These items are not available for sale online and in stores yet. Anyhow, be prepared to pay at least RM3,000 for a pair of heels, which is the average price of footwear from the Italian brand.

A 27 yo Dutch designer Rommy Kuperus designed a bag resembles “Maggie Mee”- instant noodle too.. hahaha.. perfect match for “Maggie Mee” heels.

The designer does everything herself, from conceptualising to painting to photography. Each “Maggie Mee” bag cost about RM1355.

Credit : Instagram

▼ Netizen feels hungry when seeing those creation..

▼And it makes me thinks of Justin Timberlake ..haha

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▼ Surprisingly, there are quite a numbers of people who actually love it! Should be True Maggie fans..

▼ No doubt, it is the best design of the year !

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Hahaha.. Headache after seeing the price of all these high-end fashion brand.. Don’t worry, let me get you some painkillers..

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