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Japanese Latest Recipe KFC Chicken Rice~ Drooling!

Photos Credit to: FacebookKFC

I used to try out tomato rice recipe which i found online many years back. It’s very very simple..Just cooked the rice like how you normally do and add in tomato, some sesame oil, salts & pepper . To make it even more flavourful you can add luncheon meat or ham too.

It’s delicious and healthy and as simple!

Check out the link for the Tomato Rice recipe.

Now we found KFC chicken rice recipe from a Japanese website which might worth a try too!

It’s as simple as ABC.. you just need to wash the rice properly, measure the amount of water needed, some soy sauce and chicken stock. Then place a piece or two of KFC’s original recipe chicken inside the rice cooker.

Shut the lid, let the rice cooker do its job, and when it’s all done, tear apart the fried chicken and mix everything. Salt and pepper to taste, and serve warm.

Simple and looks yums.. drooling.

The reporter from Getnews said “It taste comforting! The chicken has a plump texture, and the rice flavoured with the herbs and spices from the chicken. The taste may be slightly different depending on the part that’s cooked with the rice.”

Omg! i’m going to try this .. who else is going to try out the recipe too?

source : Facebook