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Keyboard Warrior Blamed Jay Chou’s Wife Love Travelling Around, Slowed Him Down Working on His Music Album

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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan is married for 4 years with 2 lovely kids , Hathaway and Romeo. She is working mum, besides taking care of her kids. She is also working very hard building her own entertainment career. Because she is Jay’s wife thus, what she post on social media and her behaviour is under scrutiny.

Credit : The star

Lately, she was on a China reality show named ” You are so beautiful” 《你怎么这么好看》and during a session to answer netizen question. A netizen named keyboard warrior wrote “You always love to travel around, you know my idol (Jay) have to travel with you, how can he have his own time to work on his music album, can you please give him some time so he can work on his album?”

Hannah answered the question professionally with a sweet smile on her face saying ” We always go overseas for work together, but normally after work we will spend times on that particular place or country for few more days to relax and travel. So, he can gets some idea for his songwriting too.”

She also added ” I think it’s really time for him to come up with a new album!”

On the other hand, the sweetest hubby Jay Chou posted on his social media, a picture holding Hannah’s hand on the street of Tokyo with a super sweet caption ” “If you’re Ms Santarina then I’m your Christmas Tree”  and wishing everyone and his loved one a Merry Christmas!

Ai yo .. So romantic la you ..Mr. Jay Chou !

Source & Photo credit: Sin chew