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Louis Koo Seen Eating Cup Noodles But He Is Not On Economy Class As Reported Earlier

Photos Credit to Sina

Lately a group of photos and news showing Louis Koo eating cup noodles on economy class. But he is actually in a business class in China Southern airline A320 flight, which is a domestic flight in China.

This was after the 49-year-old was recently photographed by a fan eating instant noodles on board a China Southern Airlines, the cost for the domestic flight for business class is around MYR 1056.

When he was texted and asked is it him, suprisingly he said ” Yes! It’s me and i kind of like cup noodles”

The star’s purportedly simple ways has pleased his fans as he earns an annual income of up to HKD400 million (S$70 million).

It’s been reported that he has funded over 100 schools, clinics and fresh water wells over the past 10 years, but refuses to talk about his good deeds in public.

Given how he remains frugal in his spending habits, he has earned for himself the title of “New Generation Movie Tycoon” amongst fans, Sin Chew reported.

No wonder everyone loves him, he’s really keeping it simple and doesn’t show off who he is. He’s the real star!

Source : Sin Chew