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Malaysian Uni-Girls Caught FIFA’s Attention by Scoring Goal in a Creative Way!

It’s a friendly soccer match between 2 groups of girls from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) which located in Johor.

The short video showed a group of students all surrounding the end of the field with one team trying to score goals and another team blocking them, when suddenly one girl kicked the ball up to the sky.

And ” Goal !!!” ..the ball went into the basketball hoop right above .. Haha

Nurfadilah_D tweeted, ” Today in the history ! First time to goal like this .. Steady! ”

And guess what?! The girls even caught FIFA Women’s World Cup’s attention and retweeted their post with caption ” One of our followers sent us this, and asked us to make it our ‘Goal of the Year.’ Well…technically…⚽️🏀🙃🤩”

And even World Cup soccer goalkeeper Champion, Hope Solo also responded and retweeted the post, with a caption ” Tricky approach in front of goal. I couldn’t have stopped that!”

Although it’s not really the ” goal of the year” , But seeing those girl enjoyed themselves in sports with all the laughters! it’s really brighten up our days ..

Source : Twitter