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M’sian Man Shares Horrifying Experience Where Woman In Black Tried To Kidnap His Son In A Mall

Photos Credit to Midday | Timeofisrael

Facebook user, WK posted a horrifying incident that happened to his son on last weekend in mall in Subang where a woman in black almost kidnapped their son!

WK’s family were out in a mall on Sunday, they were all in a clothes shop where his mum tried out a dress and he took his daughter to the clark’s which is just next door. When he was on his way out, he saw a lady who was dressed from head to toe in black with only her eyes exposed and she seemed to be taking the pictures of a price tag. WK got a little suspicious as the shop they were in only sold Chinese-themed clothing.

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“Not long after, my wife ran into Clark’s to look for me in panic telling me just now got one Arab woman trying to snatch our son.”

When the incident happened his wife was carrying his son in her arm. The Arab woman trying to snatch their baby boy. His wife repeatedly told the woman NO, NO~~NO.

Apparently, the woman was rubbing her face to their son’s face and mumbling in an unknown language. Luckily the wife managed to grab back their son.

Credit : Ciyoudixonlaw

After the failed attempt of snatching their son. The creepy woman ran out from the shop quickly. WK immediately told the shop’s management to take the CCTV footage and wanted to bring it to the mall’s management and make a report. The shopkeeper hesitated which lead WK to think that maybe the store’s CCTV wasn’t working. He also added that it didn’t really matter as long as his son was safe.

WK did a follow up post that they lodged a report in the Police station nearby. One of the inspector went to shop, where the incident took place, claimed that he waited 3 hours for the technician to come down from JB to fix the CCTV. However, the CCTV’s hard disk was faulty and no footages was captured.

While CCTV from the mall is too far away. Thus, human figures are too small and they can’t really see the snatching action which happened in the shop. But, somehow he saw 2 Arab women in the CCTV footage, 1 older woman with fully visible face (not covered) waiting at the Optical 88 which is next to the shop.

Credit : Business Wire

Then the snatcher woman went in the shop. They seemed to make verbal communication on and off. The old woman perhaps as a watcher. Then in within those 3 minutes, the snatcher can be seen coming out of the shop n look around before rushing to her old mother and then fled off quickly. After that he can see his wife rushing to Clark’s to look for him.

Credit : The Star

WK also suggests that every shopping mall should have a monthly check on the shop’s CCTV to ensure it works well and the mall also might think of impose heavy fine if the CCTV is not working.

As a parents, i think we need to be extra careful. This happened even the parents keeping a close eye on their kid and i couldn’t imagine what would’ve happened if they hadn’t noticed at the right time.

Source : Facebook