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Philippines Man Allegedly Beheaded Women, Ate Rice with Her Brain As Topping

Photos Credit to youtube | vice | tcsnaija

This sounds gross to me, i hope you are not reading this piece of news while having your lunch or dinner..

A Philippines man was arrested for allegedly beheading a woman, then eating her brains as a topping on his rice, according to a report.

Credit : Newsweek

Lloyd Bagtong, 21yo, was arrested on suspicion of killing the unidentified woman, whose headless body was found 4km away from his home but the head was missing, Channel News Asia reported.

He was spotted walking with the victim on a road before the incident and likely hit her head with a metal object and used a garden tool to chop off her head.

Credit : Vice

He admitted to the killing and led police to the victim’s head, where he tossed in a hole not far from his house. He then told the police that he was hungry and ate her brain as a topping on his rice.

Credit : tcsnaija

“The suspect said he killed the victim because she was speaking in English. This probably irritated him,” Police said.

Bagtong might be suffering from a mental condition. He remains in custody as he waits for murder charges to be filed against him.

Source : Channel News Asia | Philippine Daily Inquirer