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Selfless Mum Stop Cancer Treatment To Give Birth To Her Baby, Dies 1 Year Later.

Photos Credit to Thai Rath

Mother’s love is unconditional. One woman in Thailand decided to stop her cancer treatment and bear with the pain in order to deliver her daughter safely.

The 27yo woman, Thanita Thavorn (known as May), passed away in November this year after battling with a rare type of cancer for nearly four years.

She started her cancer treatment in 2016. But on 2017, she found out that she was pregnant. Doctors advised her to stop her cancer treatment if she wants to keep the baby, citing the drug’s harmful effects on the child.

However, stopping treatment during her pregnancy would mean that her condition would deteriorate. After much consideration May decided to keep the baby, and eventually giving birth to a beautiful daughter in May 2018.

Unfortunately after she gave birth, cancer had already spread to her neck. She resumed treatment after giving birth, including chemotherapy, but her condition continued to worsened.
Unfortunately, She passed away in the hospital surrounded by her family and friends. May spent about one year and five months with her daughter.

Thai Rath reported that her husband, known as Thew, said they have been together for the past 13 years. They got married in 2016, and Dec. 18, 2019 would have been their third wedding anniversary.

Despite the grief, Thew said that he will do his best and keep working hard for the sake of their daughter.

Our deepest condolences to her family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Source : Thai Rath