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Sorry, Malaysian! Miss Philippines is the winner for the Best National Costume. What ?!

While us, the Malaysian celebrating that our country just won the Best National Costume at the Miss Universe 2019 pageant. Now the organiser is telling us “Due to some technical error and miscommunication, the actual winner is Miss Philippines. ” What the heck?!

Steve Harvey, the host had announced the winner to be the Philippines initially but in fact, the person he interviewed was Miss Malaysia. In an awkward moment, Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekhon corrected the host by saying, “It’s not Philippines. It’s Malaysia” on stage. Shweta then went into details explaining more about the outfit “A Peranakan Indulgence”.

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Even the Miss Universe 2019 official Twitter account had announced Malaysia to be the winner for the Best National Costume after that miscommunication on stage.

And of course the post is now deleted where they uploaded a new post about the actual winner Miss Philippines, Gazini Ganados.

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The level of unprofessionalism of the organiser of Miss Universe is far too much thus, it sparks backlash on social media.

▼Most of the netizens thought both girls look stunning and very disappointed with the organiser.

▼Some felt sad because Miss Philippine don’t even have a chance to showcase her national costume.

▼Twitter user also thought by interviewing Miss Malaysia talked about Malaysia costume and ended up Miss Philippines was the winner sounded so misleading and would definitely upset both miss Malaysia and Philippines.

We know it’s disheartened but Chin up, girls ! for us both of you are stunning ! Hugs ❤️️


Source : Twitter