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Taobao Cargo Ship With 11.11 Sales Items Sinks !

Photos Credit to China Press | Mashable

Oh No! If you have purchased items via Taobao during the 11.11 sales and have yet to receive them, you better check the your taobao app.

Credit : TVBS

Because a Taobao cargo ship which was carrying 879 tons of items collided with another ship close by Fuzhou City on November 20.

Unfortunately, 2 crew members were reported died in the incident. While 7 others, which include 4 Taiwanese and 3 Indonesians, survived with multiple injuries. All 7 have been warded at the hospital, according to China Press.

Credit : China Press

Every single item onboard the ship, including items ordered by Taobao customers during the 11.11 sale, were either lost or damaged.

This incident marks the first time Taobao had failed to ship items to its customers due to an accident.

But not to worry, Taobao already issued a statement that all the orders would be refunded via Alipay.

Credit : ET Today
Not long ago, a truck carrying 9 tons of 11. 11 sales items was caught on fire in Jiangsu province. Although the fire brigade tried to put out the fire as quickly as possible, the truck was almost burned beyond recognition.

In case you’re wondering if you’re the affected customers, log in to your Taobao account and check your delivery status!

Source :  China Press | TVBS