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The Owner of Dexter Give Him a Muzzle To Stop Him From Munching, But He Ate The Muzzle Too!!

Photo Credit to Mail Daily

Do you have doggie that munch everything in sights? your bedroom slippers, your bags or your books?

Credit : Petcube

Andrew and Teri Gumpert have 2 dogs , both spaniel named uncle casper, a older spaniel and Dexter, 18 months old. The couple can’t even took their eyes off from Dexter because he has had go through 4 times surgery to removed thing he has eaten.

The things he had eaten include a tennis ball, a pair of ladies’ fishnet tights, some chocolate, Duct tape, wood chippings, a hair scrunchie, a plastic bag and one of his own toys.

Mr Gumpert said: ‘It all started with him eating his way through the contents of one of my daughter’s clothes drawers about a year ago and it’s continued ever since.

‘We got him a muzzle but it appears the older spaniel, Casper helped him to loosen it to the point where Dexter could get his teeth into it and proceeded to eat it.

‘We hope it’s just a playful puppy thing and he’ll eventually grow out of it as at the moment we can’t take our eyes off him for a minute.

‘He’s a beautiful, loving dog but he is also very mischievous.’

Surrey-based vet Sebastian Griffin has had to perform surgery four times on Dexter to remove things he has eaten.

He said young dogs often eat things they should not, but Dexter seems to do it more than most.

‘His owners fitted him with a muzzle to stop him eating things but unfortunately he ate that too.’

Mr Griffin said a good trainer or behaviourist can often wean dogs off eating objects.

Source : Mail Daily