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To Fix A Dented Car ?! Easy-Peasy.. Even Your Granny Can Do it !

Photo Credit to Facebook

A video circulating in social media is proving that if your vehicle is dented and needed a fix , skip the workshop because they might took advantages and charging you sky high amount.

Credit : dentdimensions

You and maybe with the help of your granny, can easily fixed the dent at home. What you basically need is a pot of hot boiling water and a toilet plunger .. What?! Yes .. No Joke !

Credit : Walmart

Let’s us bring your through step by step :

▼Pour the boiling hot water at the dented area

▼While you make sure the surface is hot enough get ready the toilet plunger

▼After attaching the suction end of the toilet plunger to the huge dent, a few twists and turns and… magic!!!

▼Woohooo!!! look.. as good as new .. Oh, and they did it in 11 seconds.

Wendy Ngan is sharing this video online showing how the parents do the magic to fix the dent of their car and the post garnered more than 20k likes and 10k comments, we are pretty amaze with the outcome. Let’s check out the video:

▼Netizens love their brilliant idea too. Most of them would like to give it a try and some even tried it and said it works!

▼But some also sharing their experience saying it’s only works on mild dents on plastic bumper.

And apparently, we found an video in youtube on how to fix a dented car with hair dryer which looks amazing too .. and most importantly it’s cost saving!

So, why spending so much money and time to fix it in the workshop when you can easily fix it at home, right?!

Source : Facebook