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Undercooked Meat In Hot Pot, Cause of Tapeworms In His Brain

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A Chinese man sought medical attention after suffered headache that lasted nearly a month. Doctors found that tapeworms from undercooked meat were the root cause.

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46yo construction worker named Zhu from Zhejiang province, China who bought pork and mutton about a month ago for a spicy hot pot.

The man started feeling dizzy, headaches days later and even experiencing  symptoms like limb twitching and mouth foaming on one of the night. His colleague rushed him to hospital immediately.

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The tests and scans showed that he had abnormal deposits of calcium in blood vessels in the brain and multiple intracranial lesions.

But Zhu did not want to examine further because he don’t want to spend anymore money. Thus, He returned home despite of being sick.

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However his condition did not get any better as he continued suffering seizures. He had no choice but to go back to the hospital for a MRI scan as suggested by his doctor.

The MRI result showed he was suffering from multiple brain lesions and tapeworms in the brain. The root cause was the tapeworms and most likely it’s the undercooked meat in the hot pot that he consumed lately.

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“I only simmered the meat a little,” the paper quoted Zhu as saying.

“The bottom of the pot with the spicy broth was red, so you couldn’t see if the meat had been cooked thoroughly.”

The doctor speculated that the pork and mutton Zhu had may have been infested with tapeworm eggs.

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Zhu fully recovered after doctors dewormed and reduced the pressure on his brain. The doctors also mentioned parasites can enter our body through contaminated meat or water. If the parasites enter the brain and the patient didn’t get treatment on time it may caused severe brain damage and even be fatal.

Source : Washington Post | WeiXin