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Upper Thailand Will Gets Colder By 1-3°C! Nice And Chilling !

Photos Credit to: Mediaindia | Pinterest

No joke! If you are travelling to Thailand, you might want to get ready your jacket! 

Source : The Star

According to a statement from Thailand Meteorology department dated Dec 27, a strong high-pressure system over upper Thailand is expected to cover the upper northeast of Thailand and the South China Sea meeting a westerly trough moving across the upper North and the upper Northeast and bringing a drop of 1-3 °C in temperature.

Credit : Nation Thailand

Meanwhile, Central and East regions including Bangkok and its vicinity will also see the temperature dropping by 1-2°C. More rain is expected in the south and wave height in the Gulf of Thailand of about 2 metres. For those who wanted to go for some seaside or beach activities, please take note! 

Credit : Khaleej Times

The category 1 typhoon Phanfone currently passing over the Philippines would lose intensity as it moves to the South China Sea and will have no effect on Thailand. Phew, lucky !

The Meteorology Department forecasts the cold front will continue to affect temperatures until late January and possibly into February.

Source :The Star | Nation Thailand