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Video Of Boy With Down’s Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism Goes Viral

Footage of a little boy with Down’s syndrome comforting his autistic classmate has gone viral for all the right reasons. The affection and empathy shown within the video has touched people all over the world.

In the viral footage, one child is seen crying while sitting at a table in the classroom. His friend embraces him affectionately to comfort him, then pats his back and strokes his hair gently. He also wipes his friend’s tears away.

This video was filmed by a teacher at a school in Mexico and the Facebook post came with a caption “#VIRAL A Down boy with a huge heart, comforting in his own way his teammate, autistic child. Let’s share it,” . The heart-warming video has over 19 million views since being posted.

It went viral across all social media platform, Netizens said this was “what empathy looks like”. The video also resonate with parents of children with special needs and some of them share their stories.

These kids have the biggest hearts  ❤️️ Their friendship has inspired us to show a little more gentleness in our everyday lives!

Source : China Press | Facebook