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[Video]Godfrey Gao’s Girlfriend and Good Pal Grieve and Pay Tribute to him


According to China Press, Godfrey’s rumoured non-celebrity girlfriend Bella Su, along with two bosses from his agency, Wang Jun and Qiu Xiu Zhu, and his parents is reportedly flying to Zhejiang to collect his body.

His body estimated will be reaching Taipei today.

Bella was revealed to be attending a prestigious school and hails from a wealthy family. Netizens speculated that the two were dating after Bella posted pictures of Godfrey’s pet dog, Theodore, on her Instagram several times.

They met through former Taiwanese basketballer Godfrey’s good pal James Mao, and are said to have been in a stable relationship for three years.

Bella remain silent after his passing and only updated her IG profile description on 29 Nov “Whatever we are… You and I will always collide.”

Sadly, Godfrey was supposed to be one of the groomsmen for James’s wedding on Nov 29. In one of the James’s IG post, which was dedicated to his late friend, he uploaded a group pic of him with his now-wife Tiffany Lo and Bella and Godfrey. The photo has further confirmed that Bella and Godfrey were indeed a couple.

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What was meant to be a celebration of a their union became a bittersweet farewell to a close friend. James payed tribute to Godfrey at the reception, sharing a video of James with Godfrey and a bunch of friends, travelling and having fun times together. Many guests burst into tears.

The IG post was with the message :

Godfrey Gao – In Memory of You

For those that weren’t able to see this video last night, we wanted to share a snapshot of how many relationships that were built because of G. Because of such short timing to get this video done, we were only able to include as many friends and family pictures as possible. Needless to say, he touched more hearts than one video can show, but we wanted last night to include a tribute to G, and that this would bring tears of joy that we celebrated such good times with our brother. May this video touch your hearts as much as it has ours.

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During a group photo, James and his groomsmen purposefully set aside a space for Godfrey. James said, “Godfrey Gao’s space must be protected.”

Sobs 😭 Godfrey is no longer here but we believe he is watching in heaven 👼

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