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What About Milo With A Twist Of Alcohol?! Energy Booster After Work?!

Photos Credit to asia.nikkei  | SMÖÖbar

Milo is Malaysian favourite drink. The malty chocolate drink give you a boost of energy especially early in the morning. When i was young, my mum always gave it a twist.. She made us Milo Jelly, Milo popsicle, generous scoop of Milo topping for our cake, and sometimes we even ate roti canai with Milo ..hehe..

Credit : Straits Times

Kids love it and adults love it too. What i couldn’t believe is this Bar in Singapore served Milo too . What?!

Credit: Giphy

SMÖÖbar, a Singaporean bar chain, has matched Milo with a twist of alcohol, sounded like an odd combination, but it has garnered quite a bit of attention..I think i want to give it a try too..(Note to those who are below 18 , This twist definitely won’t make you “sihat & kuat ” ok?! Don’t ever try it..)

The milo shots is part of a liquor range consisting of classics jägerbomb and also creative shots like sour plum shots and soju Yakult shots.

If you planning a trip to Singapore ( and you are above 18 ) , If you are a Milo lover like me too…go give it a TRY!!!

Boss, Can i apply leave next week? Reason?? I need to go Singapore! 

Source : SMÖÖbar