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Winter Solstice Is Just Around The Corner, And These Trendy Tang yuan Looks Yums!!

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Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi, is just around the corner, and Tang Yuan( glutinous rice balls) is definitely a must for the reunion dinner.

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Tang Yuan we normally have is the plain small little colourful one or you can get from supermarket shelf with peanuts and sesame fillings.

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But those Tang Yuan that available in Taiwan really make me drooling.. Any one can bring them back? hehe

1.Strawberry condensed milk

Something different! these Tang Yuan come with strawberry fillings .. It’s fruity and sweet! and so instagrammable.. Ahhha..

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2. Brown sugar ( Boba Style)

From ice cream to fries to even crabs, brown sugar has seemingly ‘invaded’ everything we consider as food. Now, it’s Mr tang yuan‘s turn. Truedan, a Taiwanese bubble tea brand, recently launched Tang Yuan filled with brown sugar. Boba lovers will definitely love this..

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3. Salted egg Custard

Gui Guan, a food company in Taiwan, also launched salted egg custard tang yuan that will instantly satisfy your cravings. imagine the warm and creamy salted egg custard in your mouth .. yumms!!!

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And our local brand, Kawan also launched a new flavour which is with Durian filling besides their normal range peanuts, red bean and sesame filling. Comprising a delightful chewy outer covering that gives way to a filling of aromatic durian paste. Durian lovers, want to give it a try?

You can also served it dry. I think kids will love it!

Redchili21 MY wishes everyone Happy Winter Solstice!

Source : Instagram | Kawan