4yo Boy Falls to Death During Parents Argument

Photos Credit to Jazmfj | Socibar

According to China Press, the couple from Anhui province, China were having an argument in their apartment on the 30th of December around 4pm in the afternoon.

In the heat of the argument, the woman grabbed her 4 year old son and said she wanted to jump out from the window in their room to kill herself, her husband immediately reached out to stop her.

Credit : Times

He managed to grab her arm and pulled her back into the room, but unfortunately, the woman accidentally let go her son who was in her arms. The boy then fell 14 floors to the ground.

Credit : China Press

They called the Police and an ambulance rushed to the scene where medical staff tried to save the boy, unfortunately the boy died on the spot.

Credit : China Press

The man and woman are in their 30s. It was reported that the boy is taken care of by his grandma most of the time.

Rest in peace, poor little boy.

Dear Parents, Please be more rational when dealing with your anger.  It’s really sad to hear this unfortunate event.

Source: China Press