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89-year-old Grandma Is a Pro-Gamer at GTA & Call of Duty. No Joke~~

Gamer girls are pretty common nowadays. But what about if you’re an 89 years old Gamer Grandma?

Credit : Merdeka

This ‘ Super Cool’ 89yo Japanese Grandma named Mori Hamako, is a Pro Gamer at GTA & Call of Duty, she has 97k Subscribers For Her Gaming Channel. Haha~~she probably play better than your boyfriend.

She has been playing these games for almost four decades now. No Joke ~~ 40 years …

Credit : Gamersparks

This Grandma has her own YouTube channel called “Gamer Grandma” where she shares videos of herself playing first person shooter games.

Check out her video:

Her secret is her “precision and calmness” while she plays games. But ,  playing alone is bored, so Mori decided to create a YouTube account to share her videos with the rest of the world.

Credit : Gamersparks

With 97k Subscribers, i think she doing pretty well. Who said grandma life is bored?!

Source : Gamerstarks

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