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Asia On ALERT Over Mysterious Virus Outbreak in China Amid Concerns That Linked to SARS Virus

Photos Credit to DW | Nikkei

Lately, there was an outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China as 44 cases of “viral pneumonia of unknown origin” were reported. According to Nikkei, this mysterious flu-like virus amid concerns that it’s linked to the highly contagious SARS virus that caused hundreds of deaths in Asia and elsewhere 17 years ago.

Credit : Nikkei

The symptoms of this viral flu-like disease are similar to those of a respiratory tract infection, which include fever and difficulty in breathing. Although these symptoms sound just like an usual flu, the virus that causes this respiratory disease is actually unknown, and yet to be identified.

Credit : DW

A microbiologist from Hong Kong, Yuen Kwok-Yung explained that the current viral outbreak in Wuhan appeared “similar to the 1997 outbreak of bird flu and the SARS epidemic”. He also mentioned that there are chances animals carried the current virus.

Initial lab tests that showed “no apparent human-to-human transmission” and no medical staff were infected, according to the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission. Most of the patients worked in a seafood wholesale market, the commission said in a separate statement.

Credit : Nikkei

“The cause of the current outbreak is not clear, and it cannot be concluded that it is the SARS virus as rumoured online,” the state newspaper People’s Daily said on microblog Weibo. Wuhan police said it has detained eight people for spreading false news online about the case.

Malaysia’s Health Ministry also unveiled measures to examine fever-like symptoms at all international borders like most of the asian countries do.

Credit : Nikkei

So far only 1 suspected case was found in Singapore. “Suspect cases with fever and acute respiratory illness or pneumonia and with travel history to Wuhan within 14 days before the onset of symptoms will be isolated as a precautionary measure to prevent transmission,” Singapore’s Ministry of Health said in a statement.

We sincerely hope the authorities will take appropriate actions to prevent the outbreak. And for those who are travelling, please be extra careful and do consult a doctor if you happen to have any flu-like symptoms after travelling.

Source : Nikkei