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Australia’s Farmer Grows First Ever Seedless Lychees After Trying For Almost 20 Years

Photos Credit to Mail Daily

A farmer has successfully developed the first seedless lychee in Australia, 19 years after spending US$5,000 on a single fruit tree from China .

Tibby Dixon, from Sarina Beach in Far North Queensland, has since developed multiple lychee varieties through selective breeding and cross-pollinating flowers over the past few decades.

His latest creation is a seedless variety, which he described as ‘very flavoursome’ and tasting ‘a bit like pineapple’.

Mr Dixon said he created the seedless lychee by cross-pollinating – collecting pollen from the male part of the lychee flower and transferred to the female part of the flower – the imported tree to get a small seed.

He kept going until he ended up with a seedless fruit.

‘Within a couple of years we should have enough to sell out in commercial numbers,’ he said.

Yuhooo!!! Can’t wait .. maybe some seedless Longon too Mr. Dixon?!

Source : Mail Daily