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Australia’s Fire Crisis Wiped Out Nearly 500 MILLION Animals and Plants, Turns Glaciers in NZ Black

Photos Credit to Independent

The wildfire crisis ravaging Australia has wreaked environmental havoc since September, wiping out almost half a billion animals and plants as well as turning glaciers in New Zealand black.

Ecologists at the University of Sydney estimate around 480 million creatures have been killed in the wildfires, including 8,000 koalas.

Officials fear that 30 per cent of the koala colony in New South Wales had been destroyed as 10 million acres of land burnt to the ground in the state.

Nature Conservation Council ecologist Mark Graham told parliament: “ Koalas really have no capacity to move fast enough to get away from the flames.

“The fires have burnt so hot and so fast that there has been significant mortality of animals in the trees, but there is such a big area now that is still on fire and still burning that we will probably never find the bodies.”

Across the Tasman Sea, smoke from the wildfires are posing a new threat to New Zealand’s white glaciers, turning them black and staining snow brown.

Social media posts from tourists and helicopter services from the Franz Josef and Tasman glaciers show “caramelised” snow and smoke-shrouded views.

A climber who posted a video from the top of the Tasman glacier added: “We can actually smell the burning here in Christchurch. Thinking of you guys.”

Let’s pray for Australia ! and not forgetting those unsung heroes, the Firemen , Policemen, Rescue teams and many more.. Please stay safe !

Source : Independent