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Free RM30 e-Tunai to be Grab ! Did You Get It?

Today is the day people ! About 15 million Malaysian are eligible to claim RM30 from the Malaysia Government through ONE of the three popular e-Wallet plateforms – Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay and Boost !

Credit: Chinapress

If you are Malaysians who aged 18 and above with an annual income less than RM100,000, congratulation, you are qualify for the initiative !

Take notes, You may choose from One of the three platforms to apply for the e-cash !! 

Others than the RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat, the e-Wallet company extra gives out RM30 bonus, shopping vouchers, Bonus Shake and so on ! wow…worth it leh !

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So, How can I Redeem?

Ok, let us show you !

① Grab

Once you successfully receiving the RM30 gov e-Tunai, you may stand a chance to get the vouchers worth RM270 (applicable for first 10,000 users only)

※Once reached 10,000 users, the vouchers will decrease to RM30!

Verification of IC takes up to 2 days, you will get the rewards once your verification complete

② Boost

Once you successfully receiving the RM30 gov e-Tunai from Boost, you can enjoy a ” Bonus Shake” up to RM8,888

Don’t forget to Shake once you have redeem !

③ Touch ‘n Go

Once you successfully receiving the RM30 gov e-Tunai from Touch ‘n Go, TNG will reward you an exclusive Bonus RM30, and you will also entitle to win prized up to RM 2mil !

It means, we can get RM60 for FREE !!!

▼ User must Verified your IC in order to entitle for the TNG e-Wallet rewards !

▼ Claim process will take up to 5 working days

Since the Touch n’ Go e-Wallet’s rewards are most worthwhile among the e-Wallet,  lot’s of user inflow to the system, causing heavy traffic … …

▼Touch ‘n Go company calming the users

You have to tried many times if you choose to get it from TNG !

The verification process will go through three stages — the National Registration Department (to check the identity card), the Inland Revenue Department (to check that the annual income is below RM100,000), and a check to ensure that the individual has only applied from one operator !

Remember to spend the Rewards from January 15, 2020 until March 14, 2020 !

Good Luck guys !