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Grandma Lowers Grandson from 5th Floor Flat by Rope to Rescue Cat

Photos Credit to Oriental daily

A grandma in China lowered her grandson from a fifth floor flat on a rope to rescue a kitten from the canopy of a balcony below. What?! little Stuntman?!

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On Monday, video footage of the 10-minute incident in in Sichuan province, appeared on social media. It showed the 7 years old with a rope around him descending to the third floor as the woman and a man took his weight.

Credit : Oriental Daily

As onlookers yelled in dismay, the boy tried to put the kitten in a bag but failed. He then took it in his arms and was hoisted back to the fifth floor. He rested briefly on the fourth floor balcony and tried to bag the cat again, but failed.

Credit: orientaldaily

The video went viral and his grandma was criticised by netizens.

“There are many other ways,” said one user of Weibo. “Why did they choose a very dangerous way to save the cat?”

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“Have they ever thought of other possibility of rescuing the cat?” wrote another Weibo user. “These elderly people must reflect on their deeds.”

Credit: Oriental Daily

The neighbourhood committee told The Beijing News that the boy was the grandson of the woman and the man was his uncle. The child’s parents were away working.

“It’s not that I don’t care about the life of my grandson,” the woman, identified by her family name Tang, was quoted as saying. “I knew what I was doing and was confident I could make it. I know I made a mistake now. I won’t do it again.”

My leg shakes by just looking at those picture. Granny, this is not the right way of doing it!

Source : Oriental daily