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Limited Edition Doraemon Meal Carrier are Now Available at Thailand 7-Eleven !

Photos Credit to:7-Eleven/Facebook

Thailand 7-11 always comes up with cute merchandises that can make everyone crazy ! After launching the Doreamon 2-in-1 piggy bank and tumbler, they are now selling another type of Doreamon theme merchandise — Doraemon Meal Carrier !

Let’s see how does it work !

You may place your favorite drink and food inside the Doreamon carrier, the carrier itself have enough space for them !

and it look’s like it is easy to carry around as well~

This carrier has the same function as the Hello Kitty Carrier McDonald’s launched last year, where it can be used as a bag or hang behind the car seat

If you’re a major Doraemon Fans, you sure do not wan to miss this super cute carrier ! Get one carrier now if you are about to travel to Thailand !

Credit: Danupon Namwong

How to Get it?

Purchase any specific drinks and snacks at any Thailand 7-11 (Cafe), you can then get the Doraemon carrier with 249 Baht (RM33.58) only~

【Promotion Details】

Promotion   : Doraemon Limited Edition Meal Carrier

Venue         : Thailand 7-Eleven outlets (all cafe)

Date            : Now (while stock last)

7-11 Thailand always has awesome collectibles, if you are happen to be in Thailand, you may visit their 7-11 and grab the Limited Edition Doreamon Carrier while stock last !

Credit: goodyfeed