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Man Calls Police Mistaken Neighbour’s “2020” Decor As An SOS Signal

Photos Credit to China Press | Gamestad

According to China Press a man from Guiyang, China who called the police after noticed something like the international distress signal SOS from his neighbour living opposite his apartment on the 19th floor.

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He is worried that  his neighbour might be in distress and need help urgently.

However, when the police arrived at the neighbour’s house, they realised that there wasn’t any emergency and the woman was in no danger or in need of any medical attention.

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Well, it turns out that the SOS sign the man saw from the window was actually balloons meant to spell out “2020”, just that the last number had deflated, leaving “202” on display.

Ahha .. So, this is what time man saw from where he stay:

Credit : China Press

The woman living in that apartment is a childcare teacher who just had a new year’s party at the childcare centre she works at. She decided to bring the balloons home and hang them up at the window.

However, the last balloon deflated which make the balloons looks like a SOS sign.

Credit : China Press

The woman then took down the remaining balloons as the police told her she might alarm other neighbours as well.

Even though it was a wasted trip, i think he really kind enough to alert police when found the neighbour’s in trouble.  Kudos to this Man!

Source : China Press