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Netizen Joked: Penang Bridge Toll will be Closed, Hawkers Back for Reunion, Please Visit Malacca!

“Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” is a famous tagline ! You definitely heard this slogan infinite number of times in many different ways.

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Since there will be long weekend in this coming Chinese new year, most of the people might choose to travel within country (save budget ma..) .Last Friday, however, one netizen facebook the following about not to travel to Penang during the festival.

▼ Some didn’t get the Author’s Joke and kena schooling..haha… author then comment again

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▼ Penangites make the same joke too !  「Ha…all close, Tsunami warning, don’t come 」

Credit: arabgt

▼ Ya right. Penangites that back to hometown will be one of the traffic jam contributor

Credit: hardrockhotels

▼ Where is Penang? LOL

Credit: malaysia-maps

▼ When author’s suggest people visiting Melacca, Melacca people have words to say ~~

▼ some even share a letter from Malaccans ~

▼ Sorry to say, Melaka Pindah !

▼ Penang close, Melaka Pindah…so how?

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▼ Time to go Ipoh, perhaps?

▼ Or Taiping, maybe?

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▼How about South Malaysia? Should have somewhere we can go right?

▼ Ok la ok la, no more cuti-cuti Malaysia, cuti-cuti Thailand !

Credit: kedahnewsdotcom

▼ Even KL people not welcoming tourist..haha

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▼ Conclusion: Best is to stay at home watch Netflix !

▼ Good sharing and good joke ! Time to share~