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New Case in SG :Chinese Man With Travel History to Wuhan Contracted Pneumonia

Photos credit to : taiwannews | the star

A 26 years old Chinese man who contracted pneumonia has been isolated in Singapore on Friday (Jan 10) as a precautionary measure. He is currently been assessed and treated.

The unnamed patient has travel history to Wuhan in Hubei, which has been plagued by a mystery cluster of pneumonia, possibly caused by a new strain of coronavirus. However, that this patient did not visit the Huanan seafood wholesale market, the location associated with the dangerous cluster of pneumonia in Wuhan.

Credit : Bloomberg

According to an update from the Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH), the patient is currently in stable condition. Investigations is still ongoing whether this latest case is linked to the Wuhan pneumonia clusters.

Credit : Sciencemag

Previously, a 3 yo little girl was suspected to be Singapore’s first case after she developed pneumonia when she returned from Wuhan. MOH Singapore later confirmed that the girl was not infected with the mystery virus. phew~~ Lucky !

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Hopeful, It will be under control.

Source : CNA