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Parents Find 10yo Daughter Hung to Death on First Day of School

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2 Jan 2020 was the first day of school for all Malaysian students. Most parents get their kids to sleep early and wake them up early to get them ready for the first day of school.

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But sadly, this parents in Cheras couldn’t got into the routine like everyone else anymore.

As usual they woke up early and wanted to wake their 10 yo daughter up and get her ready for school. But they couldn’t found her sleeping in bed but had found her committed suicide by hanging herself in her room.

Credit : Northeast today

They were rushing her to the hospital, but unfortunately she was pronounced dead on arrival. Members of the local police reportedly received reports of the incident at 5.30 am yesterday.

Upon investigation, the parents of the deceased said that they last saw her alive the night before at 9.00 pm, before she was about to head to bed.

Credit : Sin Chew

“The forensic team did not find any traces of criminal elements during the on-site investigation, and statements recorded from the family did not yield any suspicious circumstances.” said Kajang deputy police chief Superintendent Mohd Sabri Abdullah.

The deceased’s body has since been sent to Serdang Hospital for an autopsy.

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Source : Sin Chew