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Poor 2yo Boy Shot in Head During Thailand Gold Store Armed Robbery

Photos Credit to : Facebook | Bangkok Post

According to Bangkok Post,  the murderous gold robber shoots staff, shoppers, young child in a department store, before snatching three trays of gold necklaces worth around 500,000 baht (RM67,400).

Credit: Saraburi สระบุรี

He was wearing a full-face woollen balaclava, black shirt and camouflage trousers, and carrying a handgun with a long sound suppressor attached to it.

Credit: Bangkok Post

3 people were killed in the attack and 4 others injured. The unidentified man then fled the scene on a motorcycle without a licence plate.

Credit: Saraburi สระบุรี

“I wonder what state his mind was in. A woman died. A child died. You wanted gold. But why must people be killed? I cannot imagine such a cruel mind. I ask people to help find him… It was appalling. He just shot people upon his arrival,” Pol Lt Gen Amphol said.

Credit: Saraburi สระบุรี

One of those who died in the armed robbery was a 2 years old boy.

Credit : Facebook

The young boy was shot in the head while walking past the shop with his mother. He was succumbed to the wound at a local hospital.

Following the shooting, it appears that the boy’s parents have posted a tribute for their child online, which has been shared more than 100,000 times.

I’wi Wilaiwan Triton, the mother of the boy, expressed her grief, saying how she “never thought this kind of event would happen to herself”.

She also apologised for not being able to protect her child, and expressed her hope that he would not be born with such a fate in his next life.

I’wi shared family photos of the trio on various outings to the aquarium and park.

Photos showed the young boy was happy , smiling and posing for photos, as well as wearing various costumes.

I’wi added how she and her husband both loved the boy very much, and ended her post by asking him to “sleep well, my little angel”.

Currently, police have offered a 500,000 baht bounty for the capture of the armed robber. Armed commando units have also been deployed on the hunt for the culprit.

Our deepest condolences to the little boy’s family, RIP little angel.

Source : Facebook | Bangkok Post