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She Described Nasi Lemak as ‘Wickedly Bad’. Malaysian Don’t Agreed with it!

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Nasi lemak is one of the favourite breakfast for most Malaysian. I’m not sure about you but for me it’s definitely a big ” YES!”

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One YouTuber flew all the way to Malaysia just so he could satisfy his nasi lemak cravings. He even recorded a vlog about his food adventure and his 6000 mile journey from Greece, back in October last year 【Read the article】.

On January 15, however, one woman named Katie Morley tweeted the following about the our favourite Nasi Lemak.

▼And of course, it did not sit well with a lot of Malaysians. Check out the comments of netizens:

▼ Some even offer to bring her for a good nasi lemak.

▼ Also , some netizens thought we shouldn’t mad at her.

Anyway, i think she just probably haven’t get a chance to taste a good Nasi Lemak. 

Source :Twitter