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The most dangerous Indonesian in UK. He raped 190 men.

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Reynhard Sinaga, a 36-year-old postgraduate student, had made UK his home for more than seven years, living in a rented flat just a few moments’ walk from Factory Nightclub.

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Sinaga, originally from Indonesia, was a student. He already had four degrees and was studying for a doctorate in human geography at the University of Leeds. But at night he was a serial sex offender.

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He has been found guilty of drugging, raping and sexually assaulting 48 men, but police believe they are among at least 190 victims.

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They are able to be so precise about these numbers because Sinaga filmed his attacks and collected what detectives call “trophies” – items or information stolen from his victims.

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He presented himself a churchgoing academic, most of the people seeing him harmless.

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A man described being “approached by a young Asian gentleman”. He said he had a “vague recollection of explaining that my phone was dead and that I was trying to get a taxi but the taxis were passing me”.

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He added: “I think I can recall a conversation along the lines of, ‘Would you like to come inside and charge your phone and have a quick chat,'” he told the court.

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To him, Sinaga “didn’t seem like an imposing character” and during their conversations in the apartment, he appeared to be “an honest, motivated person” with an interest in academic research.

The man told the court that soon after being offered a drink, he couldn’t remember “a single thing until the next morning”.

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After waking, confused and disoriented, he left within five minutes.

Like almost every victim, he had no idea he had been raped until being approached by police.

It was just after midnight on 2 June 2017, when he approached his final victim.

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A teenager, who left The Factory nightclub to get some fresh air after becoming separated from friends, agreed to go to Sinaga’s flat after it was suggested he could try to contact them from there.

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The man recalled nothing further until waking several hours later being sexually attacked by Sinaga. He immediately pushed Sinaga away, who responded by screaming “intruder” and “help”, before repeatedly biting the teenager.

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The man hit Sinaga several times, escaped from the flat, and then called police, who arrived to a chaotic scene. Sinaga, who was discovered semi-conscious with serious injuries, was at first viewed sympathetically, and the teenager was arrested for assault.

But Sinaga’s behaviour in hospital began to arouse suspicion. He kept asking officers to have a mobile phone brought to him from his flat.

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Police asked him to confirm the pin number before they would hand it over. However Sinaga gave a series of false numbers, then tried to grab the phone after providing the correct one.

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The officer became so suspicious that he seized the phone as potential evidence and, when it was checked, a video recording was found of Sinaga raping the arrested teenager.

And soon after the investigation, they overwhelmed with evidence. Sinaga was arrested and following his trial which took a lengthy 18 months, the Manchester Crown Court has sentenced Sinaga for life in prison.

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Boys and girls, please do not accept any drink from strangers and do not trust anybody you first met.

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