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Vietnamese Influencer Wears Heavy Makeup Even She Is Hospitalised

Photos Credit to China Press | Estheticnet

Some of the girls or women will never go out from home without makeup be it a foundation , blusher or some lipsticks. But, this influencer from Vietnam make us jaw-dropping by wearing heavy makeup despite been hospitalised.

According to China Press, The Influencer was so excited that her boyfriend  told her that he was going to visit her and she posted on Facebook with the joyful caption, “My boyfriend is coming to visit me!”.

She didn’t want him to see her ill appearance. Thus, she quickly wear some makeup. You would probably expecting some foundation with lipsticks. But, No.. She applied base makeup, eyebrows, blusher, eye shadow, and eyeliner, and even nail polish and earrings!

When she took a picture with those makeup, she was still on respirator. Unbelievable?!

Some netizens criticised her, saying the makeup is too heavy , looks like going to “clubbing ” instead. Some even said she doesn’t look sick at all.

Credit: scotsman

However, still some netizens defended her by saying maybe she don’t want her boyfriend to worry about her so she put on a makeup like how she normally do.

I wonder what the boyfriend said when he saw her?! 

Source : China Press